Dear Guatemala, You changed my life!

A few days ago, I got home from spending a week in Guatemala with a ServingHIM missions team. Before I left for this trip, I thought that maybe I would be able to help a few people and that I would probably learn a few things while I was there. And although those things happened, there was so much more. So for anyone who knows me well, can you guess what I did?…I wrote a poem about it, lol.

With the eyes of a child
I accepted His gift
And gave up my will
For what’s perfect, what’s His
He led me to spread
The great news of His love
With nations, with people
That I’d never dreamed of
I came to bless them
With the grace in God’s Word
And to share with them, How
God can heal any hurt

But the opposite happened
Their lives have blessed me
Their words have encouraged
And helped me to see
Our skin doesn’t matter
Our cultures don’t define
We’re all alike
All kids in God’s eyes
We all pray for the same
Joys in our hearts
And reach for the same things
That tear us apart
We all need Jesus death
To save us from sin
After we turn away
Again and again

In the grand scheme of life
It’s not about me
But sharing His love
And living in His glory

So what did I learn in Guatemala? I learned that we are all the same. It doesn’t matter where we come from, who our parents are, what we look like, what we wear, or how we were raised…we all want the same things in life – happiness! And the people in Guatemala are closed to happiness than most people I know. These people know what is important in life and they aren’t sad over the things that they don’t have because they know that those things aren’t important.

I also learned a lot about love. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know that I, quite frequently, struggle with loving other people. I know that the Bible tells us that it is important to love our neighbors. There have been many times where I’ve cried out to God, “How can I love this person? They are being so difficult! God, this is too hard!” But after this week, I finally get it. How does God love us? We are so difficult and we don’t deserve it. But God is gracious and merciful and I must be as well. The body of Christ is supposed to function to be a living example of God’s love for us, and that exactly what I want to be. I want people to see me and think, “wow, there’s something different about her,” and when they ask about it, I can give all the glory to God. It is only because I have fully experienced God’s love in my life that I am able to fully, without reservation, and without obligation just love other people.

The Guatemalan people are so humble, and their humbleness rubbed off on me while I was there. We prayed with many families while we were there and shared God’s love with many people. And can I tell you that not a single person asked a prayer request for themselves. Everyone I prayed with wanted us to pray for something that would benefit their families, friends, or even their nation as a whole – now that is powerful.

I was able to share the gospel with a lot of adults and kids. But some of the most powerful moments that I experienced were the moments when teenagers and young kids wanted to turn their lives over to Christ and asked me to pray with them. A little over four months ago, someone gave me the greatest gift ever – the gift of God’s love and I feel so blessed to be able to share that same gift with others.

I believe I know now what God wants to use me for. And this is probably kind of funny to anyone who knows me well – but I want to work with teenage kids, specifically junior high aged, who don’t know their fathers. I want to help kids to understand their image of God should not be based off of their image of their fathers. Earthly fathers, no matter how loving, will at some point let us down but our heavenly father will never let us down.

So here are some other poems that I wrote while in Guatemala:

The Twist
Long before my name
Was ever heard on earth
He knew my every step
Predicted all of my hurts
But what I never knew
God was there through it all
When I gave up on hope
He still broke my fall
I had let go of love
And I tried to end
The life he had given
That only He could mend
The years of abuse
Filled me up with pain
The guilt and the hatred
Added fuel to the shame
But here’s the twist
That has made me new
There’s a Savior who came
For me and for you
Our Savior was perfect
He was God’s own Son
His life was sinless
But He still died for us
Through my belief
I can live forever
In a place where
Sin’s control in severed

Help me to be
Help me to be Your feet
And walk to where You want me
Send me where I can do Your work
So Your glory will be seen
Help me to be Your hands
And give to those in need
Send me where I can heal
Where Your grace can feed
Help me to be Your voice
To share Your Word across the nations
Send me where I’ll spread the news
Of Your love for Your creation
Help me to be Your eyes
To see the lost and broken as You do
Send me to a place where I
Can introduce them all to You

Psalm 96
There’s a new song in my heart
That longs to praise His name
And share His grace with a world
That only He can change
The glory of what I can do
Is not mine to claim at all
But the glory of our God
Who loves us even through our fall
My soul is pleading to shout
His joy to all the nations
To share with all the love I’ve found
In the gift of His salvation
He is just, He is righteous
He is true and He is holy
Splendid and majestic
I live only for His glory

Double Life
A person split in two
One side people love to see
But the other side hides away
So that no one will see
The broken side of her life
She’s treated with contempt
The other side she’s love and nurtured
With a hope that can’t make sense
The shattered side is lost
And reaching out for help
While the happy side if proud
And boasts only in herself

She is happy but she is broken
And her happiness is fake
Which side will she give up
Only for Jesus sake

She’s looking in the mirror
Confused by what she sees
Which one did Jesus die for
Which one does she want to be
Jesus came for the broken one
To seek and save her heart
She dropped her pride at His feet
And begged for a new start
After hiding in her shame
Jesus took it all away
Took her two sides and molded them
With the power of His grace


One response to “Dear Guatemala, You changed my life!

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    […] There is nothing like a common interest or task, a mission, to bring people together. We often think that we must bond with people and create strong friendships before we can do a hard job with them. But in actuality, it’s the exact opposite, doing a hard job together or being on mission together, even with strangers, bonds people together in a way that nothing else can. I’ve seen this first hand in Guatemala. […]

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