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7-in-7 Day 5: Almost Within Reach

I want to tell a story
Of the power of grace
You may not believe it
But I’ll tell it anyway
At one time I thought
I could be good enough by myself
I didn’t need Jesus
Or anyone else

You see, not long ago
I was lost in this world
Broken by shame
I was a scared little girl
A smile on my face
Would tell the world I was fine
But the shame in my heart
Would tell me that I’m lying
I had endured abuse
And tried to take my own life
I had heard talk of God
But didn’t believe the hype
If He was so great
Why were my arms lined with scars
If He was so loving
Why was I falling apart

So I just kept on reaching
For the next thing I would need
To be happy, find peace
As I watched my soul bleed
At some point I would find it
Joy, love, and peace
If I would only try harder
It was almost within reach

“Almost within reach”
That’s a funny thing to say
It means the same thing as
“It’s too far away”

My mind was convinced
That I could fix all my problems
I didn’t really need to face it
In order to solve them
I could push them away
And ignore the burning pain
That rose in my heart
With the break of each day
It was almost within reach
I had almost achieved it
I was almost enough
I really couldn’t believe it

“Almost within reach”
Means I’d still fall on my face
When I jumped out to grab it
I’d land in a pool of mistakes
If I had only tried harder
If I had just been better
I’ll reach it one day
I’ll just try over

What was I reaching for?
What did I want to achieve?
Every time I thought I made it
I still landed on my knees
Peace, that’s what I wanted
Peace in my heart
Peace that would stay
In spite of my scars

That’s when I met grace
It was “almost within reach”
Almost, but too far
So God reached out for me
He said, “this is yours,
Stop trying to earn it.
Let me love you where you are
And you can have it.
You are a sinner
You can’t be good enough
But if you’re willing to see it
I’ll show you true love.
Look at the cross
And the love that was shown.
My Only Son gave His life
To make you my own.
To you, new life is given
It is freely yours
Only because Jesus died
To conquer the war.”

New life, grace, mercy?
What exactly did that mean?
Could I really stop trying?
Could I really “just be”?
The answer was yes
That’s all He wanted from me
God simply wanted
To give my soul peace

“Almost within reach”
Was always a lie
Peace couldn’t come
From clinging to my life

I don’t pretend to understand
Why God is who He is
I can’t fathom His greatness
All I need to know is this –
I’m not who I was
His grace changed my heart
Jesus loves me, He saved me
And He’s healing my scars
Day after day
His mercies renew
And day after day
I find peace in the truth



Life as a Christian is not all sunshine and roses. There are definite struggles. Just because I have a deep joy and hope that I am saved through the grace of God, I still have very real and very hard issues in my life…and quite often, I feel like I’m drowning.

“Drowning”…that was the title of the sermon at church today. Today’s sermon was one of those where I personally felt like my pastor was speaking directly to me, like God put every word he spoke into his mouth because I needed to hear it…it was actually a bit eerie.

The past few weeks I’ve felt like I’ve been drowning – like I’ve been crying out to a God who hasn’t been listening – like no matter what I’ve tried, I haven’t been able to get my head above water to catch a breath.

Psalm 69:1-3 –  1Save me, O God!
For the waters have come up to my neck.
I sink in deep mire,
where there is no foothold;
I have come into deep waters,
and the flood sweeps over me.
I am weary with my crying out;
my throat is parched.
My eyes grow dim
with waiting for my God.

Drowning should drive me to prayer. It’s weird, sometimes when my life seems to be falling apart and the control freak inside of me is panicking because I can’t hold it all together, sometimes I don’t want to go to God because I am angry or frustrated with Him because I don’t understand my circumstances. But in reality, that’s when I need to run to Him most. He wants me to bring my doubts and questions to Him. He already knows that I’m thinking them, I might as well be honest with Him about it instead of just holding onto it and letting it fester inside of me.

One thing I’ve realized about myself is that when I go to God with my doubts and my questions, when I actually form my thoughts into words, I realize how childish and selfish I’m being. I realize that I’m usually just acting like a child who isn’t getting her way. Not to say that my circumstances can’t often be frustrating or discouraging, but that I often have a bad attitude about the circumstances because they’re not how I want them.

Psalm 69:16-18 – 16 Answer me, O Lord, for your steadfast love is good;
according to your abundant mercy, turn to me.
17 Hide not your face from your servant;
for I am in distress; make haste to answer me.
18 Draw near to my soul, redeem me;
ransom me because of my enemies!

Drowning drives me to consider my purpose. My purpose in this life is not to just be happy and live an easy life. In fact, as a Christian, it is the exact opposite. Although I will receive blessings in my life as a result of obedience to God, God also promises me that I will experience struggles and suffering – what matters is how I choose to respond to it. Am I willing to move beyond my own narrow view of myself to use my suffering to help someone else? If I will allow God to use me, if I will follow where He leads, I can turn around and use my affliction to serve others.

This is something I’ve seen mostly within Celebrate Recovery. I enjoy serving others around me and reaching out to other people who are just as broken as I was when I first came to know who Christ is. Whenever I think that God cannot use whatever my current circumstances are, he throws me into so ridiculous situation where He reminds me that I can serve others using my greatest weaknesses and struggles.

Psalm 69:32-33 – 32 When the humble see it they will be glad;
you who seek God, let your hearts revive.
33 For the Lord hears the needy
and does not despise his own people who are prisoners.

Drowning will be reversed. God will redeem me from my pain and brokenness, Jesus died to save me from my own sin. He has a plan for me and for my life. Yes, there will be struggles and suffering, but He is still there with me. He still hears my prayers and catches my tears. I simply have to trust Him.  

One of the things my pastor said this morning that really stuck out to me was: when I feel alone, like God isn’t hearing my prayers, think of my baptism and what that resembles. In baptism, the old me had to die so the new me could have life…the old me has been drowned and the new me lives.

Dear Guatemala, You changed my life!

A few days ago, I got home from spending a week in Guatemala with a ServingHIM missions team. Before I left for this trip, I thought that maybe I would be able to help a few people and that I would probably learn a few things while I was there. And although those things happened, there was so much more. So for anyone who knows me well, can you guess what I did?…I wrote a poem about it, lol.

With the eyes of a child
I accepted His gift
And gave up my will
For what’s perfect, what’s His
He led me to spread
The great news of His love
With nations, with people
That I’d never dreamed of
I came to bless them
With the grace in God’s Word
And to share with them, How
God can heal any hurt

But the opposite happened
Their lives have blessed me
Their words have encouraged
And helped me to see
Our skin doesn’t matter
Our cultures don’t define
We’re all alike
All kids in God’s eyes
We all pray for the same
Joys in our hearts
And reach for the same things
That tear us apart
We all need Jesus death
To save us from sin
After we turn away
Again and again

In the grand scheme of life
It’s not about me
But sharing His love
And living in His glory

So what did I learn in Guatemala? I learned that we are all the same. It doesn’t matter where we come from, who our parents are, what we look like, what we wear, or how we were raised…we all want the same things in life – happiness! And the people in Guatemala are closed to happiness than most people I know. These people know what is important in life and they aren’t sad over the things that they don’t have because they know that those things aren’t important.

I also learned a lot about love. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know that I, quite frequently, struggle with loving other people. I know that the Bible tells us that it is important to love our neighbors. There have been many times where I’ve cried out to God, “How can I love this person? They are being so difficult! God, this is too hard!” But after this week, I finally get it. How does God love us? We are so difficult and we don’t deserve it. But God is gracious and merciful and I must be as well. The body of Christ is supposed to function to be a living example of God’s love for us, and that exactly what I want to be. I want people to see me and think, “wow, there’s something different about her,” and when they ask about it, I can give all the glory to God. It is only because I have fully experienced God’s love in my life that I am able to fully, without reservation, and without obligation just love other people.

The Guatemalan people are so humble, and their humbleness rubbed off on me while I was there. We prayed with many families while we were there and shared God’s love with many people. And can I tell you that not a single person asked a prayer request for themselves. Everyone I prayed with wanted us to pray for something that would benefit their families, friends, or even their nation as a whole – now that is powerful.

I was able to share the gospel with a lot of adults and kids. But some of the most powerful moments that I experienced were the moments when teenagers and young kids wanted to turn their lives over to Christ and asked me to pray with them. A little over four months ago, someone gave me the greatest gift ever – the gift of God’s love and I feel so blessed to be able to share that same gift with others.

I believe I know now what God wants to use me for. And this is probably kind of funny to anyone who knows me well – but I want to work with teenage kids, specifically junior high aged, who don’t know their fathers. I want to help kids to understand their image of God should not be based off of their image of their fathers. Earthly fathers, no matter how loving, will at some point let us down but our heavenly father will never let us down.

So here are some other poems that I wrote while in Guatemala:

The Twist
Long before my name
Was ever heard on earth
He knew my every step
Predicted all of my hurts
But what I never knew
God was there through it all
When I gave up on hope
He still broke my fall
I had let go of love
And I tried to end
The life he had given
That only He could mend
The years of abuse
Filled me up with pain
The guilt and the hatred
Added fuel to the shame
But here’s the twist
That has made me new
There’s a Savior who came
For me and for you
Our Savior was perfect
He was God’s own Son
His life was sinless
But He still died for us
Through my belief
I can live forever
In a place where
Sin’s control in severed

Help me to be
Help me to be Your feet
And walk to where You want me
Send me where I can do Your work
So Your glory will be seen
Help me to be Your hands
And give to those in need
Send me where I can heal
Where Your grace can feed
Help me to be Your voice
To share Your Word across the nations
Send me where I’ll spread the news
Of Your love for Your creation
Help me to be Your eyes
To see the lost and broken as You do
Send me to a place where I
Can introduce them all to You

Psalm 96
There’s a new song in my heart
That longs to praise His name
And share His grace with a world
That only He can change
The glory of what I can do
Is not mine to claim at all
But the glory of our God
Who loves us even through our fall
My soul is pleading to shout
His joy to all the nations
To share with all the love I’ve found
In the gift of His salvation
He is just, He is righteous
He is true and He is holy
Splendid and majestic
I live only for His glory

Double Life
A person split in two
One side people love to see
But the other side hides away
So that no one will see
The broken side of her life
She’s treated with contempt
The other side she’s love and nurtured
With a hope that can’t make sense
The shattered side is lost
And reaching out for help
While the happy side if proud
And boasts only in herself

She is happy but she is broken
And her happiness is fake
Which side will she give up
Only for Jesus sake

She’s looking in the mirror
Confused by what she sees
Which one did Jesus die for
Which one does she want to be
Jesus came for the broken one
To seek and save her heart
She dropped her pride at His feet
And begged for a new start
After hiding in her shame
Jesus took it all away
Took her two sides and molded them
With the power of His grace

Poetry from the beginning

I have been writing poetry for about as long as I can remember and even more so since my healing journey with Christ has begun. So this is what I have written since this amazing journey began.

Save Me
I’m begging forgiveness
Hoping You’ll take my hand
And bring me to a place
Where I’m able to stand
I need Your wisdom
To show me the light
I need Your strength
To live through the night
I want to run away
And hide in my shell
I need You to pull me
From my living hell
Your words give knowledge
Of the path I must take
But how do I get there
If this pain is my fate
How can accept
That which I can’t change
It’s been so long
That we’ve been estranged
Save me from my demons
And show me I’m special
God, will You save me
And send me Your angel?
October 14, 2011

Finally Alive
You know my heart
You know my soul
So in my weakness
I’m giving up control
I need Your strength
To carry me through
And to show me how
I should live for You
Lord, my heart is broken
I’m putting it in your hand
I’m trusting You
So please help me stand
Help me stand
When I am weak
Bring me words
When I can’t speak
Lord, please hear me
Do You hear my cries
Or are they getting
Lost in the skies
I know You’re there
Forgive my doubt
I don’t need to know
What this hurt is about
All need is Your love
And I will survive
Lord, with Your love
I’m finally alive
November 12, 2011

Your Words
Your eyes see black and white
You don’t see the gray
When life is less than perfect
That is not okay
I’ve craved your love
And words of praise
But guilt, anger, and shame
Are what you say
How can I hold on
When you criticize
And won’t let me move past
The thousands of lies
I try to stand strong
But your words knock me down
I will retrace my steps
And land back on the ground
I want what is right
What God wants for me
But you use your words
And I can’t be set free
How can I please you
What is it you want?
If I want to move forward
I need to stay distant
Your anger shuts me down
I can’t handle the shame
But according to you
I am the one to blame
I admit that I’ve lied
And I know that I’ve hurt
But you have hurt too
And rubbed my face in the dirt
Please know that I love you
I want to make this work
But I need to ask you
To be careful with your words
December 7, 2011

What’s Right
Why can’t I walk away
And leave pain behind
And erase the years I lived
While my eyes were blind
Take my hurt, hate, and shame
Step into the wound
And pull out the pain
Let this new heart bloom
Jesus, can you hear me?
Please take this away
Why don’t You save me
And show me the way
Maybe I’m being selfish
And expecting too much?
But, Lord right now,
I just want to give up.
I need Your strength
And Your guiding light
I need Your word
To show me what’s right.
December 12, 2011

I Am More
The stars shining across the sky leave me wondering where You are.
If You created all of this, why do I have these scars?
You’ve brought hope to my heart and  love where there was none,
But what about this brokenness, just look at what I’ve done.
I’ve done nearly all the things Satan tempted me to do,
I heard the lies and followed sin, the devil won and I denied You.
But somehow You still love me, You’re still knocking on the door
How could I have never known, You made me for more
I am more than what I’ve done, what I’ve said and seen
Only because of Your blood, my sins have all been cleaned
The Enemy won the battle, but will always lose the war
Because whatever the endeavor, You will have the higher score.
December 12, 2011

The Rope
I’m holding on to the end
If I let go I will die
I’m hanging over the edge
But You hear my cry
Minute by minute
This rope gets shorter
Second by second
It’s harder to hold
But just when I feel
Like I’m at the end
You throw me some slack
And You’re arms stretch out
Please don’t let go
I am falling
Please give me strength
I am drowning
January 10, 2012

Your Blood
Your grace is a gift
I’m afraid to unwrap
Your healing transforms
But I’m afraid of the change
Your love renews life
Revives a broken heart
But I’m afraid of this heart
That I might break it again
Your mercy cleanses souls
Wipes away all my sin
What was stained with my blood
Is purified by Yours
January 10, 2012

The Search for Hope
I’ve been told pray for hope
To search, I will find it
But I’ve denied the truth
I won’t just admit
“God, I am lost,
Can You find me here?
It’s hard to believe
That YOU want me near”
In my search I have found
False hopes here and there
I never searched in Him
I pleaded through prayer
But now I have found
I can search and find
When I pray through faith
His hope fills my mind
January 10, 2012

Attributes of God
When I didn’t know You
I despised who You were
The dark the consumed me
Made Your light blur
Now You’ve taken the darkness
And You’ve cast it away
You’ve brought me a light
To show me Your way
You have opened my eyes
So that I can learn
About the One who made me
Who can fill this yearn

With your sovereign heart
You rule over me
The one You created
The one Your set free
You are unchanging
Your Word, always true
When I feel “not good enough”
You show who I am in You
You bring justice to sinners
To pay for their sins
And You make it known
That evil can’t win
But by Your grace I am saved
Though I don’t deserve
You take all my sins
And fill me with Your Word
Your mercy’s the gift
Of the death of Your Son
So that I may live
In Your Heavenly Kingdom
Your wisdom knows more
Than I ever can
Please help me to follow
Your master plan
Through Your love, I can love
Even when I’ve been hurt
The Holy Spirit inside me
Will bring me Your comfort
You are holy, above all
You’re worthy of praise
Once I opened the door
You took  away my dark days
You are eternal
For You created the time
From beginning to end
It all came from Your mind.

Your greatness amazes me
In new ways each day
Your glory has shown me
That I will be okay.
January 29, 2012

Don’t Quit
Mommy and Daddy fought, they just couldn’t get along
They played a different tune, but sang the same ol’ song
The children paid the price of their hate and sin
When Satan kills a marriage, a little girl can’t win
She cried out for her daddy, she needed his protection
She begged for someone to show, just a little affection
Mommy said she loved, but love just wasn’t felt
The girl learned how to live, in the hand she had been dealt
She learned how to hurt, and how to hide her pain
No one came to help, to scream was just in vain
She covered her wounds but never let them heal
If she denied it had happened, she could call it unreal
She finally hit bottom and knew she couldn’t deny
The pain in her heart that made her soul die
So she cried out to Him, “Please, Jesus, come near,
I’m can’t do this on my own, won’t You meet me here.”
So Jesus reached out and took her in His arms
And said to her, “Child, I’ll protect you from harm.
Nothing can hurt you when I live in your heart.
Take peace in knowing, I give you a fresh start.”
She can finally let go and let herself feel
In His arms, she knows, one day, she’ll heal.
Although it may hurt as she faces the guilt and the shame,
He never promised it’d be easy, but that He’d never quit the game.
January 30, 2012

From Orphaned to Adopted
Daddy was gone
And mom and I fought
I was alone in this world
….Or so I thought
Abandoned and lost
No safe place to hide
Emotionally orphaned
But I pushed You aside
My heart longed for love
But I over looked You
Thought no one could love me
If they only knew
I searched for belonging
And I yearned for protection
Not knowing, without You
I’d keep finding rejection

Finally I answered
The knock at the door
And was face to face with a love
I’d never heard of before
I’ve lied and I’ve sinned
And I’ve flat out denied You
Fed my longings with poison
But in truth, I still craved You
I’ve searched for life
In the thick of worldly things
But all that aside
I’ve been adopted by a King
January 30, 2012

Unbroken Promises
When I call out for help, if I honestly trust
You hear my cry and surround me with love (Psalm 145:18)
When my heart is broken and my spirit’s crushed
You take my sorrow and heal me from above (Psalm 34:18)
When I am scared and my soul feels wrong
My heart will not fear for I am confident in You (Psalm 27:3)
When the Enemy attacks, I am courageous and strong
Because You won’t let him win, You’ll see me through (Deuteronomy 31:6)
When my road is winding and I don’t get my mind,
You straighten the path and my hope is repaired(Proverbs 3:5-6)
When I’m as scared of what’s next as I am to rewind
You give me hope for a future of good, not despair (Jeremiah 29:11)
When I feel like I’ve failed, like I’ve fallen too far
You offer forgiveness and call me Your child (1 John 1:9)
When my anxious soul trembles and my heart’s entered war
This is where your love if profiled (1 Peter 5:7)
When I am blinded, it’s dark and the edges are sharp
You lead my way, bring me light and make edges smooth (Isaiah 42:16)
When I am an outcast and my vision is warped,
You bring me back to life as You heal my wounds (Jeremiah 30:17)
When I should be dead for what I have done
You stretch out Your grace so I am saved (Ephesians 2:4-5)
When I finally realize how I need Your Son
I give up my life to accept what You gave.
February 1, 2012

Who I Am
You took my hand
And You’re leading me through
I never thought I would change
Just by meeting You
But I have and You keep
On working in me
You set out the darkness
So I’ll be set free
Day by day I move closer
To knowing the truth
As I cling to the hope
Of who I am in You
February 1, 2012

Do I ask too much?
God, I’m awake
And I’m begging for You
I’m begging for rest
Please help, I’m confused
Blessed by Your grace
And saved by Your love
But God, right now
I’m struggling to trust
Anger burns in me
Why, I don’t know
God, I am drowning
Why don’t You let go
Fear’s suffocating
Of the things I can see
Right now, all I want
Is to quit being me
I know You are here
But my vision is blurry
I can’t see Your work
Amidst all my fury
Teach me, oh God
What is Your plan
What’s good about this
I don’t understand
So open the eyes
Of my unbelief
I’m begging for life
Free from the grief
If I ask too much
I’m sorry, again
But still I pray
In Your name, Amen.
February 3, 2012

What is denial?
What do I hide?
Where is the truth?
Where did I lie?
Have I been honest?
Have I been fake?
How did I give?
How did I take?
Who have I hurt?
Who has hurt me?
Will I make amends?
Will I be free?
When did this start?
When did I learn?
Why all the pain?
Why no concern?

What is Your grace?
What is Your hope?
Where is Your heart?
Where is Your rope?
Have You been there?
Have I not seen?
How do You love?
How am I clean?
Who am I in You?
Who will I be?
Will I be Yours?
Will You live in me?
When can I hear You?
When can I know?
Why You are with me?
Why You don’t let go?
February 4, 2012

Finally Found
Footprints in the sand, right next to mine
I never knew, You walked by my side

I don’t remember, when I first strayed
Never had I learned of the price You paid

But even in doubt, You collected my tears
In disbelief I took in Satan’s lies and fears

I have cried out and I’ve lied to Your face
I’ve been lost in my life without Your grace

But You had hope in me, while I was lost
Although You knew, I’d deny Your cost

I’ve denied and I’ve lied, said I didn’t care
And for far too long, I said You weren’t there

You believed in my faith when even I couldn’t
You saw me drowning and You stopped the current

But now that I’ve given, my life up for You
You’ve picked me up and You carry me through

A love I’ve never seen, it fills my heart
A peace I’ve never known, let’s me restart

For 24 years, I was blind and confused
Now I know and I see, I belong to You
February 4, 2012

Faith Brings Joy (From Romans 5:1-11 NLT)
I entered through faith into His sight
Filled with His peace – wrongs turned to right
A savior who died for you, me, and the rest
All of us sinners, He saved us in death (v. 1)
I rejoice in hope, in the presence of glory
Though I don’t deserve, I’m removed from my worry
I joyfully stand, in the presence of His grace
And I’m fully convinced, I’m not a disgrace (v. 2)
Faced with troubles, I can rejoice in Him
In the one who saved me from temptation of sin
And though it may hurt, we I can’t see the cure
It’s only in Him, that my hope will endure (v. 3)
The more I endure, my character grows
Each day I learn what I before didn’t know
As I get stronger, I can resist temptation
And faithfully feel my hope for salvation (v. 4)
My hope will prove, in Him, to be true
For God sent His Son, for me and for you
The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit in me
Fills me with a love that makes my eyes see (v. 5)
Pleading for mercy, as a sinner who’s helpless
There is only one way, from a sinner to sinless
In God’s plan, in God’s time, Jesus died for us
The ultimate act, because He loves that much (v. 6)
Would you be willing to die for the good
To die for the righteous, maybe you would
But do you know any who would die for sin
Who would make a way for losers to win (v. 7)
I can tell you of one, who showed His great love
Who died for sinners so we could climb above
Above all of our pain and all of our fear
To the one whose love is unchanging through years (v. 8)
And the blood that was shed, made us right in the eyes
Of the One who created each of our lives
Jesus came to save us from God’s condemnation
And we received His gift, the gift of salvation (v. 9)
Now I call God a friend, a loving Father
Restored through death, I am His daughter
Even for enemies, He sacrificed
All that He had, His only Son’s life (v. 10)
So now I can rejoice in the love of the Lord
No other love can save the whole world
It’s only in death that I can live
It’s only to God, my life I will give (v. 11)
February 6, 2012

My Unbelief (Mark 9:24)
Faith is a gift
I can’t claim on my own
It’s a place in my heart
Must be nurtured and grown
I have faith in a God
Whom I cannot touch
But I can know He’s there
When I feel His great love
It’s all around my life
In all that I see
In the air I breathe
And the wind in the trees
I see His creation
Like lights in the dark
And although I believe
There’s still a small part
A part of me that doubts
In all that He can do
Can He really heal me?
And make my heart new?
His power consumes me
I see it all around
The earth to the heavens
His glory surrounds
I am but a speck
In all He’s created
But a speck that He loves
So much that He waited
He waited for me
To open my eyes
And see who He is
To remove my disguise
So as I am falling
Crying at His feet
I look up to the cross
“Please help my unbelief!”
February 6, 2012

Forgiveness and Love (Luke 7:47)
Her sins – they are many,
Fall as tears at Your feet.
Undeserving, she knows;
But begs to You, “Please,
Please, Lord forgive me
For all that I’ve done
Let me share in Your mercy
In Your grace I am home.”
Her small acts of love
Are nothing next to Yours
But in confessing her sins
You’ve made her heart pure
You’ve cleansed her of anger
From the hand she was dealt
Taught her to forgive
All the pain she has felt
To wholly forgive
Means to wholly love
In this moment she cries
Out to the Holy One
“I’ve forgiven those;
Who’ve sinned against me.
Thank You for forgiveness.
For Your love and peace!”
February 6, 2012

My Cross (Luke 9:23)
When I wake in the morning
What do I ask?
What will You do for me?
Or do I put my needs last?
Please help me to place,
My needs aside.
To worship and praise You,
With all of my life.
I want to pick up,
And shoulder my cross.
To make Your love known,
To the scared and the lost.
So this is my prayer:
That You’ll help me deny,
Myself and my wants;
And praise Your name on High.
Help me to serve,
To give as You gave.
Help me show the world,
They, too, can be saved.
February 6, 2012

My walk with Christ

For most of my life, I’ve had a flawed perception of our amazing creator and of His wonderful love for us. In October 2011, I began to get a picture of who He really is and in November 2011 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and was baptized, becoming His child. My walk with Christ is only beginning, and I am amazed each day and the beautiful and amazing things that God has brought into my life. I thank Him and praise Him for not giving up on me even when I had given up on myself.

God has given me the gift of words and writing. So I created this blog to share my walk with Christ through my writing. Any and all feedback is welcome and I thank you for joining me on this journey.

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