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Worth Fighting For

When I was in high school, I had a friend tell me, “the first step in escaping a prison is finding the bars.” At the time, I didn’t really know what he meant and I was a little confused.

I’ve sense learned that I spent a long time “imprisoned” within myself but I never knew how to get out because I couldn’t “find the bars”.

When God found me, I was stumbling blindly through my life, looking for a way out. I learned that the only way to escape my prison is to let God “break the bars”. I had been trying, for so long, to do it on my own and all I did was make things worse. What did I have to loose by trusting Him to do?

In the process of bringing me to freedom, God has shown me his immeasurable love for me and I still get breath taken when I realize that He think I’m worth fighting for. He has fought so much for me already and I He continues to fight for me everyday.

No matter how far gone you are, He can always save you…ALWAYS! As long as you’re willing to ask for help.

All you wanted was freedom
You were fighting to avoid your pain
You were running from your past
But still the memories remained
You were haunted by the hurts
And you just wanted to break free
You had become a prisoner
Freedom was nothing but a dream
So you set out on a journey
To find freedom at all costs
Not knowing, without God
The search would only get you lost

If you ran to drugs
To find freedom from your hurts
You found the freedom was short lived
And the nightmares just got worse
Or maybe you chose alcohol
As the route of your escape
But you can’t cover up a gushing wound
And disguise it as a scrape
What about self-harm
Maybe that would be your way
But your blood cannot satisfy
The debt you desperately need paid
Or did you give yourself away
Thinking love would set you free
All the while, the love you needed
Was longing for you to see

Once you hit the bottom, you’ve found
The search for freedom’s left you chained
You’re still trapped, you’re still a prisoner
And you can’t see past your shame
To escape from any prison
First you need to find the bars
But yours are all too hidden
Under years and years of scars
Those bars are built of lies
Told to you by the enemy
Lies that looked so much like truth
They were easy to believe
There is only one thing
Strong enough to break you free
It’s the light and truth of a God
Who longs for you and me
His truth will break the lies
And break the bars that you can’t find
His light will beat the darkness
That’s been shadowing your mind

You’ve been trying all these years
To break the bars on your own
Now you see, you’ve made it worse
By trying it alone
All this time you’ve been imprisoned
He was there, can you now see
He was crying out for you,
“Child, please just come to me.
Your sins are not too many,
Your slate has been wiped clean.
My Son, He, gave His life for you,
It’s Him in you I see.”
Every time you’ve ever cried
He has cried along with you
And every time your heart has broken
He was right there too
He has given you a promise
That He will save your soul
The only thing He asks of you
Is let Him take control
Let His love into your heart
And watch the prison bars begin to fade
I promise when the truth breaks in
You’ll taste the freedom of His ways

Now I’m not saying it is easy
In fact, sometimes it’s just plain hard
When you feel you’re so unworthy
And think you’ve fallen too far
But however deep your prison is
He has a rope that’s one foot longer
He just wants you to hold on
So He can show you He is stronger
The God of all the world
Who made the sun and moon and stars
Is the same one who will rescue you
And who can shatter prison bars

So hold your head up high
You’re not a prisoner any more
You’re the child of a fighting God
Who says, “You’re worth fighting for.”


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