I Am Found

Earlier this week, I shared a poem with my wonderful CR family. This poem is very close to my heart because it is written by inspiration from Luke 19:10 – For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.

Luke 19:10 was the first verse I read after accepting my salvation and I’ll never forget it. The moment I cried out for forgiveness will be cemented in my mind for the rest of my life. I knew I was doing the right thing, but I also feared that I might be too far gone for Jesus to save me. Then I read Luke 19:10. It was one of those “bolt of lightning” moments. I felt like that verse was written just for me.

Came to seek. Jesus came to seek for those of us who are lost. He doesn’t wait until we start looking for Him. He doesn’t have limits on how far He’ll search. And He doesn’t care what you’ve done that has made you lost. He just searches for you.

When I wasn’t looking for Jesus. When I thought I was too far gone. When I thought I had done too many horrible things. He came looking for me. He fought through the barriers I built up. He trekked through the coldness of my heart. And He found me and grabbed a hold of me and told me I wasn’t lost anymore because He had me.

And save. But He didn’t only come to find us, He came to save us. He came to save us from the wrath of God. But He also came to save us from ourselves and from our sins. He loves us so much that He doesn’t let us stay lost in our sins. In a sense, Jesus finding us IS what saves us. At least that’s how it was for me.

When He found me and convinced me I wasn’t lost and alone anymore, it was then that I realized, not only am I saved from the wrath of God, but I am saved from myself. I am saved from my own sin. I am rescued from the things I’ve done to myself.

It still blows me away and this is something that I need to remind myself of daily. I and found and I am saved!! That alone keeps me standing in awe of God’s power. If He can find me and save me from where I was…NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!

She stumbled through her life
Searching for the way out
Not realizing each step away
Would just complicate the route
So she gave up on the goal
Of finding happiness one day
She figured she was too far gone
To ever find her way

It’s impossible to find yourself
If you don’t even know you’re lost
And if your try to save yourself
You can’t pay the cost
So that’s why Jesus came
To seek for those misplaced
To search for and find
And show the world His grace

A young man hiding in the shadows
Of his hate and his sin
Not knowing he could be saved
If he simply let Jesus in
So he dove into a bottle
And gave up on his life
Living in his sin was easier
Than trying to make things right

The price of sin his high
Only blood can atone
But to save the whole world
It was His blood alone
You see, He didn’t just come
To find those who are lost
He also came to save us
So He could pay the cost

So if you’re like me
You may not even know
That you’re lost and that you’re dying
Or the amount of what you owe
See, when I wasn’t looking
For someone to find me
He sought and He saved
And He set me free
He saved me from my sin
And He saved me from myself
And even when I didn’t want Him
He rescued me from Hell


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